22. September between 16:00 and 18:00 „Zerreißprobe“ Tear test


  • Paracelsusgasse 6 (4-6pm)

at a workshop with Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp (multimedia artist, www.barbara-rapp.com)  you can individualize your book and further work on some topics from the book (material is available) or maybe you just want to play a round of fempath memory with the cards?

  • Unterer Kirchplatz 4 (4-6pm)

at a workshop with Kerstin Maria Anderwald (art therapist and costume designer): bring the book and we will cut your personal figure out of the collage sheets, you can glue it in or we can make a t-shirt out of it!

  • Draupromenade 6 - access via Kaigasse (4-6pm)

Workshop: Text&Textile
"chatting from the sewing box"

a sewing circle with Marie Lenoble ( visual artist among others with the collective "OneTwoMuch" and artisan of a special kind, label "Himmelarsch Undzwirn" https://www.facebook.com/himmelarsch.undzwirn.9
Preparation: Wed, 9/14 5pm-8pm
word donation collection - the sewing boxes are filled

from the mending laundry to the philosophy about proverb researches and word re-creations word donations are collected on 2 dates: whether flimsy arguments or a red thread is jacket like trousers...
On 22.9. we roll up our sleeves - stuff & embroider after line and thread "chat from the sewing box" and can spin so many conversation material from the book further, for materials is provided, bring only your book! And mending laundry!