Applied Theater

How to deal with the challenge of multiple crises of this time?

Applied theater offers the possibility for people without prior knowledge of theater to playfully implement biographical narratives. Based on the technique of Augosto Boal, who had a scene played out using the roles of antagonist and protagonist, different people can immerse themselves in the selected story and the conflict situation inherent in it. By playing through several different variations, outcomes and possibilities of the scene, a previously problematic scene is re-played and its inherent structures made transparent.

This playful form of exploring personal and emotional moments offers creative strategies for testing alternative courses of action and constructive possibilities. The term application here refers to the fact that an intervening practice can be used outside of theatrical fields through the means of theater.

No previous experience necessary.

Trainer: Maria Leeb, theater pedagogue and psychotherapist
Co-trainer: Amalia Contarini, actress and performer with the "Red Noses Carinthia/East Tyrol"

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