Mapping the Unseen: online release for the virtual mapping

The artistic research project Mapping the Unseen, which is based on the format schau.Räume presents its

Online release event for the virtual mapping: Creating a transcultural space about hidden marginalised topics….

Mapping the Unseen questions societal and cultural discourse about issues of exclusion and invisibility through artistic research. After the interventions and dialogues in Croatia, Bangladesh, Iran and Austria, a virtual web-based space is developed as a final step. Through this virtual mapping, an artistic artefact was created that aspires to be an equivalent of the spaces where the interventions and dialogue events took place. It assembles a collection of the various selected topics, artworks and research materials, as well as academic publications. It invites interested people from anywhere in the world to interactively explore the different topics via the Internet by discovering, interacting with and extending them through their personal statements and thoughts.

Three evenings are planned for the release of the virtual mapping, with talks, lectures and as a get-together with all the persons who were involved. Moderation: Maria Bussmann (artist and art theorist)

24th 2021, 6-8.30 pm “To get the idea” greenscreen release with short statements by the research team: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin (artistic research), Andreas Hudelist (audienceinterveiws), Regina Klein (depth hermenteutic analysis),Rosalia Kopeinig (biographical work) and Martina Ukowitz (intervention research and transdisciplinary research)

25th 2021, 6-8.30 pm “To get in touch” presentation of the virtual mapping and breakout rooms: talks with the artists and art groups Vox Feminae, Ebadur Rahman and Mana Mira, the programmer of the virtual mapping Philipp Luftensteiner, the illustrator Claudia Six, the composer Bruno Strobl and the research team.  

26th 2021 6-8.30 pm “To go beyond” presentation of the virtual mapping and lectures according to transculturality with Erol Yildiz and artistic research with Mariel Rodriguez Rodriguez combined with “trialogues”.

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Language: English

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"Performative Stadtgeschichte(n) at the Festival Spectrum 2021

Friday, 9th September 2021

between 3pm and 4.30 pm

Startingpoint: At one of the 3 show.Rooms doors in the public space in Villach: Rathausplatz, or Hans- Gasser-Platz or Unterer Hauptplatz

This book developed from a participative show.rooms project presents 26 stories of people who lived and live in Villach about "their" town.  On Friday 9th you can have a walk with 7 stories in mind through the town as this publication is an invitation to develope a new perspective to the town and their history.  7 authors will be there, reading their stories at 7 different places in the town. At the Startingpoint a talk about the project is given. You can buy the book and have also the possibilty to write your own story about the town.

Entrance free.