Latest: Mapping the Unseen makes fleeing an issue

How do we in Austria currently deal with the refugee crisis? How marginalized is the topic? Who wants to give space to whom and who is preventing this? How isolated are refugees within society? These are the questions that the artistic research project Mapping the Unseen, which is based on the format schau.Räume, addresses in its current intervention. The program includes an exhibition, accompanying dialogue events and installations in vacant spaces. 
The choice of topic was made in cooperation with the artist Ebadur Rahman, who is making the Rohingya refugee crisis visible for Mapping the Unseen. In March 2020 he carried out artistic interventions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Films and interviews were produced. The participatory actions took place as far as the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic allowed and were virtually archived. The work contains pictures of many participating artists and can be seen for the first time as an exhibition in Villach from December 15th to December 21st 2020
"Helping hands" or "burning issues" are the titles of the accompanying program points, which can be visited from December 16th to December 22nd 2020 online via zoom conference or analogously in the OFF SPACE of the Kunst.Raum Villach in Karlgasse 8. This includes a talk with Ebadur Rahman, as well as talks with regional artists, scientists and associations, including Klaudia Ahrer, Peter Clar, Caritas, Amnesty International - Group Villach, Jasmin Donlic, Aspis Association and Carla Küffner. A biography workshop with Rosalia Kopeinig is also part of the program. Under the title "OPEN" Sheida Samyi will design installations in vacant spaces.

show.Rooms article in the magazine "Super"

show.rooms is delighted to announce that we were asked to publish an article in the magazine  SUPER - an initiative about the utilization of empty disues spaces as a scope of action for culture and science. Katrin Ackerl Konstantin wrote an epilogue and traveled through time with show.rooms.

Here is the magazine (German only)....