"Abwunderung" in times of Corona Virus

show.rooms is preparing a new show.rooms_regional edition, including artists and scientists from the region who work on the topic immigration and emmigration.It will be realized End of June- Begin of July 2020 in Spittal an der Drau and Ferlach/Borovlje, questioning reasons for coming and leaving the region. 

According to the actual situation of the Corona Virus and the assembly ban we are developing a new format, show.rooms_virtual, which would allow the audience to vistit some rooms digitally and to be part of an interaktive live performance.

How ever this edition will be, anlog as usual or virtual, we will anounce it in due time. More informations are coming soon.

The project is funded by the Otelos in both cities, Carinthija 2020, Nockregion/ Region Carnica and the Ministery of Art and Culture Austria.