Mapping the Unseen: Regional and Intercultural Perspectives on Discrimination and Artistic Freedom

The artistic research project Mapping the Unseen, which is based on the format schau.Räume, comes to Villach in its third intervention to negotiate the topics of discrimination and artistic freedom and to discuss their current relevance. The cooperation partner Mana Mira, artist and art teacher from Iran, chose the topic of discrimination. In exchange with different artists, pictures, illustrations and filmed interviews were created that mainly deal with discrimination against girls* and women*. The artistic works will be shown at Kunst Raum Villach from March 25th until May 15th 2021.

In dialogue with the exhibition, the sculptural intervention Not Dora by Alex Samyi will be present on Kaiser-Josef-Platz from March 25th to April 15th 2021. Its starting point is to create a monument to Dora Kircher, a pioneer of women's and workers' rights. The performative audio walk Medea's Daughters*/Medea's Maze can be listened to, walked through and experienced individually during the whole event. On April 1st and April 8th the offer of a joint walk exists. The workshop Biographical Stories with Rosalia Kopeinig will take place on March 30th 2021. For all parts of the programm, the audience, its active participation and interaction, are essential.

Two talks and an online lecture also invite joint discussion: The first talk on April 6th 2021 will highlight the topic of historical and current representations of women* in public space. The historian Alexandra Schmidt exchanges views with the artists Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp and Alex Samyi and the city of Villach. The second talk on April 10th 2021 will discuss artistic freedom, censorship and discrimination. Yvonne Gimpel and Norbert Bachleitner will be on the podium. Both talks are scheduled for the Kunst Raum Villach. If that is not possible, they will be held virtually. The online lecture on April 12th 2021 by the Klagenfurt Girls' Centre will focus on violence against girls* and women*.

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