schau.Räume_global - Mapping the Unseen

Mapping Flight, Isolation and Invisibility of (Rohingya) refugees
15-20 December 2020, OFF SPACE Kunst Raum Villach, Karlgasse 8, AT

The production, developed and realised in Bangladesh, was shown online and in a vacant OFF Space in Villach. As a partner from Bangladesh, Ebadur Rahman chose the theme "Mapping the Devoid of Subjecthood of the invisible Rohingya Refugees" with the title "10 days that shook the World". The resulting films, images and interviews were then shown in Villach and expanded with contributions and discussions from Carinthia, artists, academics and activists on the topic of the refugee crisis and social crisis.

Venue: OFF SPACE Kunst Raum Villach Karlgasse 8
organizers: Mapping the Unseen
host: schau.Räume - show.Rooms - Mapping the Unseen

Exhibiton "10 days that shook the world"
The exhibition of the participatory intervention "10 Days That Shook The World" was shown in the premises of OFF SPACE Kunst.Raum Villach, Karlgasse 8.

Interventions by Sheida Samyi in shop windows of vacant shops: Hans-Gasser-Platz 2, Karlgasse 8, Hauptplatz 10, Villach. The interventions took place in public space during the events in Villach.

Burning issues - in German and English
On four evenings, staff and activists from refugee work in Carinthia, Vienna and Italy as well as Carinthian scientists and artists who deal with the refugee issue in their projects and are committed to refugees and the refugee problem discussed the topic.
(Jasmin Donlic, Carla Küffner, Gianfranco Schiavone, Verein Aspis - Siegi Stupnig, ÖIF - Martin Häusl, PIVA - Burgi Decker, AI - Edmund Huditz, Willkommen Nachbarn - Miriam Themesl and the artists Ebadur Rahman, Michael Kuglitsch, Klaudia Ahrer, Peter Clar, Katrin Ackerl Konstantin).

Biographical Stories
Rosalia Kopeinig offered an online workshop for interested people to reflect on refugee experiences.

helping hands
A meeting of refugees and space providers. The event was internal.

Programme details


Mapping the Unseen was funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund (AR 444-GBL), KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund, Land Carinthia.
Supported and hosted by University Klagenfurt and show.Rooms.

Mapping the Unseen is based on show.Rooms_global, which is an intervention in a vacancy of a city on a marginalized topic. The invited artists, artist group or scientists determine the topic. Afterwards, the project will be invited to Austria and parts of it will also be presented as an intervention..

A detailed description of Mapping the Unseen can be foundhere.
See a detailed description of the format. Räume_global can be found here.