show.Rooms_regional describes a regional project and includes artists and scientists from the region who work on the topic chosen.
The topic is determined as a focus topic by the identification of an existing current social void that the team of show.Rooms furthermore perceives to be a social taboo topic. Afterwards, the team searches for regional vacancies, which suit the content but also the spatial requirements. Thereby the spatial emptiness is used in its heterotopic context and equated to the social emptiness.The audience of the show.Rooms_regional moves, accompanied by so-called guides, who are representatives of the respective show.Rooms_regional theme, through the vacant rooms, where they are exposed to installations, lectures and performances that revolve around a specific topic. The biographies and personal experiences of the guides become a common thread by which to lead through the individual rooms.
Within these spaces, the focus topic will be brought together through contributions from the field of science, current performances by artist groups, as well as civil society-organized associations and institutions that work on content-related topics. All is made accessible to the public in their familiar environment. During the preparation phase, biography workshops for the guides are offered by show.Rooms. Each workshop focuses on biography and remembrance work.
The aim is to address different regions through the participatory and interdisciplinary format.

Every photos invites you to see one of the show.Rooms_regional projects.