The artistic research project Mapping the Unseen consists of artistic interventions on unseen, hidden topics – topics that are not discussed in public by the mainstream society, because of their implicit social taboo potential.
The project strived for a programmatic visual and discursive treatment of a chosen topic, which was identified and selected by participating art groups in Croatia, Iran, Bangladesh. The interventions were shown in the respective cities for several days during the period of one week. Following this, parts of the project were invited to Austria to enable an intercultural dialogue. Central to this is the confrontation with the Austrian field of discourse on the topic, as local artists, NGO’s and researchers offered their contribution from their point of view.
Finally, a web-based room was created. The virtual mapping is a cartography of all the chosen topics, assembled artworks, interviews, and academic publications, creating a new discourse leading to a transcultural space. Visitors are invited to explore the interactive virtual archive by means of animated 3D graphics and a blue cube simulation. It can be understood as a platform which is freely accessible from anywhere via the internet in such a way that the relational aspect of the project is also explorable here in an aesthetically perceptual way. The concept is therefore that through the moment of encounter something becomes visible in its phenomenological sense. Before that it stays in an uncovered invisible mode. The interaction alone brings the project and its artefacts to the surface - how they are made visible and to what extent can be seen as an inherent part of the mapping. The visit is unrestricted but only possible with a notebook or PC.

This screenshot brings you to the show.Rooms_virtual project.