Queeriling! -queer bridges-

9 and 10 June 2023 | Villach AT || 19 May - 16 June 2023 | Villach AT

Queeriling a queer event series on the topic of LGBTIQA+ and LGBTIQA+ allyship.

Every year in June, Pride events take place around the world, making LGBTIQA+ visible as an issue and out and proud to take to the streets for the rights and concerns of the community. For two days, the door to the show.Room Draubrücke opened and transformed Villach into a Pride Village, celebrating queer diversity and becoming a place of encounter and solidarity.   Hiere are the flyers. Be.Come.Part!

There were performances on two days. With the warm up with Amalia Contarini and Rosalia Kopeinig, "Walk the Walk*" was performed - through the open schau.Räume door across the Draubrücke bridge to the rainbow crosswalks in Gerbergasse and at the train station. In the nach.Hallen and chill out questions were reflected like: How does it feel to walk hand in hand through the city as a queer couple? Do I encounter a smile, a joyful or uncomprehending look?
Gridchen Pliessnig's performance "I am naturally diverse!" illustrated the evolution of a rose veil fairy lipfish and drag queen Asta, performed by Frank Piotraschke remembered the milestones of the Pride movement "In Search of Pride Village" with her homage to Dame Edna and other LGBTIQA+s as well as their ally*s from around the world. The first PRIDE was already visible for the visitors*. Afterwards there was again a nach.Hallen and chill out in the schau.Räume Pride Village.

Accompanying there were storytelling workshops. Thereby it came playfully to the finding of biographical experiences, which direct the focus on conceivable gaps, possible discomfort and enable a perspective on history(s). It was about telling stories by looking back and recreating individual experiences.

artistic director: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin
intervention and performance: multimedia artist Gridchen Pliessnig, actor and author Frank Piotraschke
make-up stylist: Jakob M. Kofler
Storytelling-Workshops: Rosalia Kopeinig
warm-up: Amalia Contarini
door Installation: Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp
communikation and social media: Isabel Brugger, Mitch Münzer, Bernadette Orasch-Horn
photos: Gerhard Maurer
assistance: Armin Rader, Celina Esser

Many thanks too:  @gemse_gailtal &queer Klagenfurt & Equaliz for the queer support.

LGBTIQA+: The term comes from the English and means " Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Inter, Queer, Agender and even more gender identities and sexual orientations.

Ally: A non-queer person who advocates for LGBTIQA+ rights. The term can also be translated from English  to German as "Verbündete:r".

*Walk the Walk is inspired from Del Lagrace Vulcano


This project was supported by: City of Villach, Land Carinthia, BMKOES.

show.rooms_local, involves a one-time performance in a vacant space or an intervention in public space. A detailed description of the format schau.Räume_lokal can be found here.