10 years show.Rooms

1.-22. September 2022 | Villach

The ArtBook "schau.Räume.Wirkstätte und Werkstädte" reflects the work of the past 10 years of show.Rooms and its marginalized topics made visible in public space. In addition to written and pictorial insights and statements, the book also invites active further processing: From further QR codes to online content, fold-out, tear-out and stick-in pages to individual further "filling" with own artifacts, a "participatory book" of a special kind opens up. The book is published by Mohorjeva/Hermagoras and can be bought in the bookshops or in the show.Rooms office.

From September 1 - 22, 2022, the book was presented in empty spaces in Villach with installations, workshops, talks and performances. On September 22, the book presentation took place as a festive act: The presentation was composed of several parts. A 10-hour program was offered with one or two-hour program points in each of the different spaces.  (Programmflyer)

"WIR FEIERN I praznujemo schau.Räume" an audiofile by Radio AGORA created by Asja Boja: https://de.cba.media/580438

Supported by BMKÖS-Kulturinitiativen, Land Kärnten kultur, Stadt Villach Kultur, Stadt Villach Frauen, Stadt Villach Integration and Österreichische Gesellschaft für politische Bildung.

'10 Jahre schau.Räume' was a unique intervention with a publication an several events in empty bussines locations in Villach.