show.Rooms_global - Mapping the Unseen

Mapping Discrimination and artistic freedom
March 25th till Mai 15th 2021, Villach, AT

The production, developed and realised in Iran, was shown online and in a gallery as well as in public space in Villach. Mana Mira, as a partner from Iran, chose the topic of "Discrimination and Artistic Freedom" and involved several artists in the project. The resulting paintings and photos and an interviewfilm mainly dealt with the issue of discrimination against women* and girls* and were shown at dialogue events in Villach. In addition, there were regional contributions on the topic of discrimination and artistic freedom, which were also included in the research of the overall project Mapping the Unseen.

Venue: Kunst Raum Villach, Hauptplatz 10 and Kaiser-Josef Platz, Villach
organizers: Mapping the Unseen
host: schau.Räume - Mapping the Unseen

"Discrimination" | Exhibition | Kunst Raum Villach, Hauptplatz 10
Works by the artists: Babak, Betty, Farimah, Hosein, Mina, Marjan, Maryam, Nasim, Naghmeh, Rahil, Sahar und Sara.

"Not Dora" | Skulpturale Intervention by Alex Samyi, Kaiser-Josef Platz, Villach
"Not Dora" is reminiscent of the origins of the fairground, when the rare, the new, the strange and the taboo were presented through peepholes.

“Medea’s Daughter*/Medea’s Maze” by diverCityLab | Performative audio walk experienced in public space during the entire event followed ba two joint online conversations

Biografie Workshop with Rosalia Kopeinig

Talk on the topic of discrimination - representation of women in public space with Alexandra Schmidt, Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp, Marie Theres Grillitsch, Alex Samyi, Katrin Ackerl Konstantin

Talk on the topic of artistic freedom/censorship/discrimination with Norbert Bachleitner (University of Vienna) and Yvonne Gimpel (IG Kultur Österreich)

Talk/lecture on the topic of discrimination - violence against girls*/women*

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Mapping the Unseen was funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund (AR 444-GBL), KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund, Land Carinthia.
Supported and hosted by University Klagenfurt and show.Rooms.

Mapping the Unseen is based on show.Rooms_global, which is an intervention in a vacancy of a city on a marginalized topic. The invited artists, artist group or scientists determine the topic. Afterwards, the project will be invited to Austria and parts of it will also be presented as an intervention..

A detailed description of Mapping the Unseen can be foundhere.
See a detailed description of the format. Räume_global can be found here.