show.Rooms_local My Story is a Museum

6th June 2015 Villach, AT

A participatory story-telling project about Galerie Freihausgasse and people who have worked and exhibited in the gallery since 1994. Guests: Gerhard Fillei, Angelika Kampfer, Markus Orsini-Rosenberg, Alex Samyi, Hadiuzzamann Syed and Katrin Ackerl Konstantin. The evening was also accompanied by the exhibition "w(b)andgeschichten" by Sieglind Demus, who also portrayed some of the residents and immediate neighbors of Galerie Freihausgasse in a literary manner. The audience also had the opportunity to participate in a biography workshop with Rosalia Kopeinig on site.

The project was co-funded by: The city of Villach. A cooperation with the Galerie Freihausgasse.

show.Rooms_local is a one-time performance in a vacancy or an intervention in public space. A more detailed explanation of the format can be found here.