show.Rooms_global - Mapping the Unseen

Mapping Discrimination and Artistic freedom
22 - 24 February 2021 Iran

Mapping the Unseen, based on schau.Räume_global, took place in Iran and Austria in 2021. The connection to the artist Mana Mira, who chose the taboo subject to be shown, was made by the guide, as he lived and worked in both Austria and Iran. Mana Mira, partner from Iran, chose the theme "Discrimination and Artistic Freedom" In her justification she writes:

"I consulted with some artists and activists in the field of culture and asked them to share their experiences in their own ways, and consequently a collection of paintings, illustrations and some filmed interviews were produced. Prior to this consultation, I always thought that the main problem was rooted in psychological taboos, self-censorship, spreading rumors about artists and seclusion of men of thoughts and ideas by society …But now …I believe that all these problems and barriers can be encapsulated in one word and that is “discrimination”. Discrimination acts as an invisible chain which is ever-present and manifests itself in different shapes."

Venue: Iran
organizers: Mapping the Unseen
host: Mana Mira    

Exhibiton "Discrimination" - internal exhibition in Iran on the theme of "Discrimination
Paintings and photos by collaborating artists: Babak, Betty, Farimah, Hosein, Mina, Marjan, Maryam, Nasim, Naghmeh, Rahil, Sahar und Sara.

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Mapping the Unseen was funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund (AR 444-GBL), KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund, Land Carinthia.
Supported and hosted by University Klagenfurt and show.Rooms.

Mapping the Unseen is based on show.Rooms_global, which is an intervention in a vacancy of a city on a marginalized topic. The invited artists, artist group or scientists determine the topic. Afterwards, the project will be invited to Austria and parts of it will also be presented as an intervention..

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