show.Rooms_regional: Deportation

19. – 29. April Villach and Klagenfurt, AT

From 19 to 29 April 2012, there were performative interventions in selected vacated rooms or public spaces Villach and Klagenfurt. Three times a night, a guide accompanied the audience to the 20-minute performances that were offered in each room. All content focused either on the deportations that took place in Carinthia in 1942 or those of 2012. This was done with a view to mark the 70th anniversary of the resettlement of Carinthian Slovenes, but also to highlight current biographical experiences of women in relation to deportation and migrant mobility. The twelve vacancies (including the two public spaces) – where the installations or performances could be experienced – were located between the Klagenfurterstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse in Villach and between the Lidmanskygasse and Bahnhofstrasse in Klagenfurt. Among the guides, who led the audience through the program, were people with a personal experience of deportation.
move.Room// “To delimite a space, build fences, conquer a place” scenography by Alex Samyi, listening.Room// “To listen, interpret, intercept, interrogate”, installation Katrin Ackerl Konstantin,
play.Room// ALEGRIA, Forum Theater Carinthia//  a theater Roz/teatr trotamorattm/ttm// Asli Kislal/ Vienna.
here.Room// visiting an inhabited room,
rent.Room// documentation material and presentation of the Verein Erinnern (centre for rembering suppressed memories of the Nazi past in Villach), LEFÖ-IBF (intervention centre for women affected by trafficking), Kinderschutzzentrum Delfi (centre for the protection of children),
new.Room// exchange and networking.
speaking.Room// radio AGORA live – interviews with representatives of civil society groups, cultural associations and scholars,
learn.Room// lectures and workshops by Dr. Sigrid Zeichen, Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt, Dr. Katja Sturm-Schnabl, University of Vienna and Brigitte Entner, Slovenian Institute Klagenfurt,
no.Room// contributions by authors Franc Rehsmann Franc, Thomas Ogris and Franzobel. Presentation of the project group Xenia, a network for women and in relation to the writing class PROJEKTGRUPPE FRAUEN,
picture.Room// exhibition Sigrid E. Pliessnig,
new.Room// exchange and networking.


The project was funded by: BMUKK, Government of Carinthia, City of Klagenfurt, City of Villach.

show.Rooms_regional is an intervention on a marginalized topic in several vacant business premises of a city together with regional artists, scholars and associations that work on the topic. A more detailed explanation of the format can be found here.