show.Rooms_regional: Voices Stimmen Glasovi

24th - 29th April 2018 Spittal an der Drau, AT

“VOICES“ about the topic mental illnesses guided through six vacant spaces in the city of Spittal. The audience experienced short performances, installations and lectures from regional and transregional scientists and artists. People, who were recently dealing with this topic personally or professionally, guided the audience from one room to the next.
connection.Room//scenography by Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp.
inner.Room//installation and texts by Franziska F. Music: Foolish Green.
dark.Room//interviews with relatives and friends of people, who suffer from a mental illness (composition: Andreas Hudelist)
play.Room//“Explorational internship“ `PSYCHIATRY´ Gabriela Hütter. „My white world“ (neuebühnevillach). Amrei Baumgartl, text: Steffan Zefferer. "accumulation#shivering" (Netzwerk AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art). Choreography: Andrea K Schlehwein. Dance und performance: Margherita Malinconi, Maayan Reiter.
”Four totally normal days” (Stadtbühne Spittal). Text and production: Gertrud Reiterer-Remenyi. Actor: Alfred Rindlisbacher.
hear.Room//Live program with Radio Agora.
study.Room/teaching.Room//lecture about the topic “Psychiatry then” (Helge Stromberger). Lecture about “Psychiatry today” (Tobia Darimont).
new.Room//exchange and networking with materials of NGOs (Lichtblick, pro mente, MigrantInnenberatung, Frauenberatung Spittal) concerning the topic mental illnesses and screening of Sicke cylixe “Hergebrennt” and Sylvia Toy “Voices”.


The project was promoted by: Federal Chancellery - art, Federal state of Carinthia - culture, City of Spittal an der Drau.

show.Rooms_regional is an intervention on a marginalized topic in several vacant business premises of a city together with regional artists, scholars and associations that work on the topic. A more detailed explanation of the format can be found here.