schau.Räume_global: Rassismus

25. - 30. 7. 2017 Cusco PE

show.Rooms_global 2017 took place in Peru and Austria. The connection to the group of artists Grupo D'Arte, who defined the taboo subject that was to be shown, was created by the guide Andrea Pörtsch. As she lives and works both in Villach and Cusco, she qualified as a guide in this project. As a result of the cooperation, Grupo D'Arte created a production that was set up in an entire house, venue of the Grupo d'Arte, titled "El que no tiene de inga, tiene de mandinga": "Cusco, the capital of the ancient Inca empire, wears one 500-year-old history of colonization in itself. The themes of violence, racism, machismo and corruption are still latent today."

In July, the week-long series of performances took place in Cusco between the 25th and the 30th, and the event, which lasted about one hour each, was shown 3 times a night.

Veranstaltungsort: Casa Darte Av gaston Zapata 422 Sta Rosa Wanchaq Cusco

Venue: Casa Darte Av guest on Zapata 422 Sta Rosa Wanchaq Cusco
Event time: 25th - 29th of July
Organizer: schau.Räume Villach, Austria & Grupo D'Arte, Cusco, Peru
Host: Grupo D'Arte

Performative intervention: photography, video, sound, dance, micro theater, workshops and dialogue
Director: Grupo D'Arte: Mauricio Rueda / Charlotte Giusti
Production Lead: schau.Raeume (Austria)
Production Manager: Mario Osorio
Production Assistant: Eduardo Flores
Photographer: Jhon Nilton Pedraza
Video: Juvenal Zamalloa

Programme details

The project was funded by: Federal Chancellery of Austria, Austrian Embassy Lima, Government of Carinthia, City of Villach

show.Rooms_global is an intervention in a vacancy on a marginalized topic, which is set by artists and researchers. Following a premiere abroad the project is invited to be realized in Austria. A more detailed explanation of the format can be found here.