show.Rooms_global is dedicated to a global dialogue on a marginaliserten Thema. The topic is not set by the show.Rooms team, but by the cooperating artist group in the respective country. How is the country selected? The link to a respective partner country and to a new topic is provided for by the personal life-story of a guide, who participated in an earlier show.Rooms production. He or she connects show.Rooms with a local artist, researcher or association that currently works on a subject, which is - from the point of view of the guide - a marginaized topic in the cultural and political context of the partner country.  

A next step is to search for a locality that meets the requirements of the show.Rooms format: a public disused space or temporarily abandoned buildings. The guide supports the show.Rooms Team in this process and on occasion also acts as a translator.

The duration of the performance intervention in the partner country depends on the individual program developed and other organizational constraints. The performative works and contributions are documented by pictures, film and text which appear simultaneously in an interactive virtual show.Room, thus opening up to a global audience.

Finally, the project is invited to Austria, where it is then juxtaposed to local approaches to the topic in question.

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