show.Rooms_regional: Migration

20. – 30. Mai 2011 Villach, AT

The scene of the show.Rooms 11 was the Lederergasse in Villach. A street that had fallen into disrepute in the media, an alley with empty objects, with a noisy, dazzling night scene, an alleyway "that one no longer visited". In this alley the first edition of show.Rooms was realized on the topic of migration.
Several times per evening, guides, who themselves were personally affected by the topic of migration through their biographical history, led the audience in small groups to various rooms, empty business premises or private homes, where they would experience short performances on migration:
picture.Room// films by: Andrea Amenitsch "ausquatiert" (Ö, 2008);
Haris Bilajbegovic "Most" (Ö / Bosnia, 2006);
Ajda Sticker "All-inclusive, no-money-back guarantee".
As well as performances drawing on texts that were developed in the show.Rooms biography workshops – by the team Alfred Burian / Martin Mittersteiner.
speak.Room// Radio Agora live - talks with representatives of civil society groups (PIVA, Platform Migration-Villach, Amnesty International, Welcome Neighbor, VOBIS), cultural associations and property-owners.
play.Room// GLOBO- game- u. book presentation of the University of Innsbruck / Stefan Neuner / Andreas Exenberger.
rent.Room// conversations with people: migrants – in their role as guides – led through the program of show.Room program.
learn.Room// presentation of the association Vobis concerning intercultural dialogues.
move.Room// movement logs of residents, employees and their connections – references and relations are visualized,
new.Room// in a fictional flat: music performance by Felicity Lee.
on.Room// magazine DAS BIBER with Ivana Martinovic tells the story of building the award-winning interactive community website.
Lecture by Christiane Hintermann (migration researcher) on Austrian history as a history of migration,
here.Room// fashion designer Christina Berger opens her apartment to the public;
reading by Jasna Cehic's about life in Bosnia and that in her new home country, reading by Bärbel Gaal-Kranner from her current manuscript;
newspaper reader letters curated by Amnesty (Yulia Ismaylova).


The project was funded by BMUKK, Goverment of Carinthia, City of Villach, Infineon Technologies Austria. A cooperation with the theater festival Spectrum by neuebuehnevillach.


show.Rooms_regional is an intervention on a marginalized topic in several vacant business premises of a city together with regional artists, scholars and associations that work on the topic. A more detailed explanation of the format can be found here.