schau.Räume_virtuell Mapping the Unseen

June 1st 2019 till July 31st, 2021 Zagreb HR | Klagenfurt AT | Dhaka BGD | Villach AT | Teheran IRN

The virtual mapping is based on show.Rooms_global an was set up as a research project with the title Mapping the Unseen(more about this project). It includes all the research results: The visualisation of the selected topics, the artworks, the interviews and the resulting publications, which are intended to generate a new transcultural space and discourse.  Furthermore, they are the basis for the development of corresponding animated graphics, which were conceptualised by Katrin Ackerl Konstantin and programmed by Wade Olsen and Philipp Luftensteiner. The designs and source materials were adapted by the illustrator Claudia Six.

These virtual spaces correspond to the real spaces of the analogue mapping. The virtual mapping is accessible to all interested people worldwide via the internet, designed as an interactive virtual archive and usable as a platform: the respective user is invited to explore and comment on the spaces by means of animated 3D graphics and a blue cube simulation.

LINK to the virtual mapping of Mapping the Unseen:: (This can be used with a PC or notebook)

Online release with talks, lectures and as a get-together with all participants.
A transcultural space to make hidden, marginalized topics visible and to enter into dialogue with them.

"To get the idea" Greenscreen release with short statements by the research team: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin (artistic research) Andreas Hudelist (audience interviews), Regina Klein (depth hermeneutics), Rosalia Kopeinig (biography work), and Martina Ukowitz (intervention research and transdisciplinary research).

"To get in touch" Presentation of the virtual mapping: Talks with the artists and artist groups Vox Feminae, Ebadur Rahman and Mana Mira, the programmer of the virtual mapping Philipp Luftensteiner, the illustrator Claudia Six, the composer Bruno Strobl and the research team.

"To go beyond" Presentation of the virtual mapping and lectures on the topics of transculturality with Erol Yildiz, University of Innsbruck and artistic research with Mariel Rodriguez Rodriguez, University of Linz, combined with "trialogs".

Moderation on all three evenings: Maria Bussmann (artist and art theorist)

This virtual mapping traces the implicit, invisible and marginalised nature of the respective topics. The user is confronted with the selected themes of the artists or art groups: you choose which room you would like to explore in the virtual setting, because a separate room is installed for each topic. In each room, the user's movement through the archive is enabled via the cursor. He/she/they is guided by questions and supported by specific tools: Once a user has entered, he/she/they can activate the room by clicking on images, doors, monitors or animated figures. Corresponding audiovisual and photographic material is then displayed, which is intended to enable an individual experience of the space. In addition, the user can expand and change the space through his/her/their feedback.

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Mapping the Unseen was funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund (AR 444-GBL), KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund, Land Carinthia.
Supported and hosted by University Klagenfurt and show.Rooms.

Mapping the Unseen is based on show.Rooms_global, which is an intervention in a vacancy of a city on a marginalized topic. The invited artists, artist group or scientists determine the topic. Afterwards, the project will be invited to Austria and parts of it will also be presented as an intervention..

A detailed description of Mapping the Unseen can be foundhere.