What is show.Rooms?

show.Rooms is an interdisciplinary performance format that exists since 2011 and by which taboo subjects or marginalized social issues are performatively implemented in vacant business premises. In this, it follows an interventionist and participatory approach. The topics are not just temporarily represented by performance in the public space – the design has participatory elements, such as “discussion”, “contributions” and “co-decision making”. Each intervention involves artists, scholars, but also NGOs and private individuals – all of whom work on or have a personal connection with the chosen topic. The aim of the project is to create rooms for encounter, which – after Bourriaud – become themselves art works in their aesthetic context.
Since 2011 the format generates much interest and successfully resonates with the audience. In 2012 it was awarded the “outstanding award” for interculturality by the Austrian Ministry for Education, Art and Culture. 2016 it was nominated for “place of respect”.
The three variations of the format – global, regional and local – refer to the respective geographical focus and reach of the productions. The format show.Rooms is also subject to study: This is done by means of artistic research and biographical work.