show.Rooms 10 years: Wirkstätte und Werkstädte / Effects and Work cities

September 1 - 22, 2022 | Villach

The ArtBook "schau.Räume.Wirkstätte und Werkstädte" reflects the work of the past 10 years of show.Rooms and its marginalized topics made visible in public space. In addition to written and visualized insights and statements, the book also invites active further processing: From further QR codes to online content, fold-out, tear-out and stick-in pages, to individual further "filling" with one's own artefacts, to sending postcards of schau.(t)räumen, a "participatory book" of a special kind opens up.

From September 1 - 22, 2022, the book will be presented in 4 empty spaces and public spaces in Villach with installations, workshops, talks and performances. On September 22, the book presentation will take place as a festive act: The presentation is composed of several parts. A 10-hour program will be offered with one or two-hour programme points in each of the different spaces. It is possible to visit everything but also only single units. (Download Programme)


1.–21. September 2022: Interventions and Installations

1.9–22.9. Intervents in shop windows: Visualisation of the topics ot 10 years show.Rooms

2.–5.9. always 15–19, Ankershofengasse 3 | Installation to the theme Feminism, Discriminition and artistic freedom, Queer, LGBTIQ, Fempath 1 and 2.
7.–10.9. always 15–19, Paracelsusgasse 6 | Installation to the theme Migration, Emigration, Resettlement, Deportation, Flight, Refugees, Rassism.
13.–16.9. always 15–19, Unterer Kirchplatz 4 | Installation to the theme Fear and Room, mental illness, Biographical art path 1,2,3.


1.9.postponed to 4.9. 17–19, Ankershofengasse 3
Workshop to Feminism. (More information)

3.9. 17–19, Ankershofengasse 3
Workshop to the topic LGBTIQ, Queer. (More)

6.9. 17–19, Paracelsusgasse 6
Workshop to Migration. (More)

9.9. 15–19, Paracelsusgasse 6
Workshop to the theme political education: "Play society" (More details)

10.9. 10–14, Draupromenade 6
Applied theatre/Theatre of the oppressed. (Information)

12.9. 17–19, Unterer Kirchplatz 4
Workshop to the topic Fear and Room. (More)

16.9. 16–20, Draupromenade 6
Applied theatre/Theatre of the oppressed. (Information)

17.9. 10–14, Draupromenade 6
Applied theatre/Theatre of the oppressed (Information)

22. September 2022: Presentation of the Book 10 years show.Rooms

At 13:00  starts the book sale. Ankershofengasse 3

Between the programme „Living Sculptures“ of the theatre of the oppressed.

14.–15.30 „Zeitleiste/Timeline“ Biographical-Workshop (Ankershofengasse 3) araound the ArtBook with Rosalia Kopeinig:
When did I collaborate in an artistic way with show.Rooms, what production was this, how does this affect?

16–18 „Zerreißprobe/Tear test“ (more information)  a Workshop either with
Kerstin Maria Anderwald (Unterer Kirchplatz 4),
Marie Lenoble (Draupromenade 6) or
Barbara Ambrusch-Rapp (Paracelsusgasse 6),
here you can individualise and create your book.

18.30–19.30 „Rezitationsakt/Act of recitation“ with the authors,
Moderation Andreas Hudelist. Ankershofengasse 3

20–20.30  Performance „Wer ist das Publikum, du oder ich?/Who is the audience, you or me“ with Katrin Ackerl Konstantin.
Ankershofengasse 3

Ab 20.30 „schaurück schön!/look back it's beautiful“ book sale and buffet.
Ankershofengasse 3