We are deeply saddened by the news of Alex Samyi passing. We have collaborated for show.Räume since 2011 again and again to create interventions in public space, to shift spaces, to open (thinking) spaces and to ask questions with each other, as for example in his text for his last work with us for_Nicht Dora_(2021):

"The artwork made of wood and cement is provocative. “Not Dora” reminds us to traditional fun fairs, where the rare, the new, the unknown, as well as the taboo were put on display through a peephole. The materials and media used are rough and delicate at the same time, like poetry that does not close its eyes to reality.

The goal can have no name and no headline. Prejudice, hatred and violence are the dramaturgy of a development that can only be answered effectively with a new enlightenment.

This must be individual and independent. No preconceived idea should limit them. This also applies to the outcome of this project.”

We will miss you and are grateful for all we could create together.

Installations and Scenographies for show.Rooms

2021 Mapping the Unseen | show.Rooms_global |_Nicht Dora_  | Installation on the Kaiser-Josef-Platz, Villach, for Mapping the Unseen - Discriminination and artistic freedom
2017 show.Rooms_regional | Anxiety and Space | Scenography Klagenfurt
2015 show.Rooms_regional | Queeruption | Scenography Villach
2014 show.Rooms_global | Feminism | Scenography, Villach
2012 show.Rooms_regional | Deportation | Scenography in Villach and Klagenfurt
2011 show.Rooms_regional | Migration - Scenography Lederergasse, Villach for das Festival Spectrum where also show.Rooms performed. mehr