schau.Räume_regional: Abwunderung

End of June - beginning of July 2020, Ferlach / Borovlje and Spittal an der Drau, AT

show.Rooms_regional 2020 artistically conducts research in the cities of Ferlach / Borovlje and Spittal an der Drau on the topic of emigration and immigration.
The connecting element is the free space Otelo, which is located in both cities. This Otelo is an Open Technology Lab where regional community activities can be made available and used. These two Otelos will be the cooperation partners in the project.
For the implementation, in addition to the Otelos, several vacancies and public spaces in the cities of Ferlach / Borovlje and Spittal will be recorded, creating new freedom to pursue this question. show.Rooms spans a time horizon that stretches from the present and to the year 1920 and looks for motives to come and go.
So it will be asked: who goes and why, who comes and why? What are personal stories, conditions, and expectations that will leave or leave people in these two cities?
Are there differences and similarities in these two cities, which are linguistically similar and yet so different in terms of bilingualism? How much do you know each other?

The recorded spaces are realized in vacancies of the two cities, as well as in suitable rooms, such as former galleries, at the station grounds, in a garden, at a cemetery and the like. The spaces can be found in terms of content in both cities. However, how and where they are implemented in both cities varies. For example, there are various designs of a thematic space, such as in komm.Raum or in sprach.los.Raum, but there are also common configurations such as in geh.Raum. Some thematic spaces can only be seen in one city. It is also envisaged that one part of a room will be in Spittal, the other part in Ferlach / Borovlje, so it makes sense to visit the realizations in both cities. However, that is not the condition, only one event / Auf.Führung can be visited in a city. It is also planned that the rooms can refer to one's own city, but also to the other in order to establish relations with the other city.

There will be process-accompanying preparation and follow-up with the schau.Stadtraum and additional offers like schau.dein space.

Unterstützt wird das Projekt durch die Otelos in beiden Städten, Carinthija 2020, Nockregion und Region Carnica, sowie den Bund und die Städte Ferlach/Borovlje und Spittal an der Drau.

schau.Räume_regional ist eine Intervention zu einem marginalisierten Thema in mehreren Leerständen einer Stadt, welche regional von Künstler_innen, Wissenschaftler_innen und  NGO's, die zur gewählten Thematik arbeiten, bespielt werden. Eine genaue Beschreibung des Formats schau.Räume_regional finden Sie hier.