Mapping the Unseen is an artistic research project, which will be realised in four countries: Croatia, Iran, Bangladesh and Austria. It constitutes of artistic interventions on unseen, hidden topics - topics that are not shown and discussed in public by the mainstream society. The connection between the two countries is a person who lived in both countries. This research is accompanied by transdisciplinary qualitative social research, auto-ethnography and depth hermeneutics. After the realisation in the respective cities, in the last step, a virtual web-based room will be developed. Through this virtual mapping, an artistic artefact that relates directly to the chosen topic is created. The project strives for a programmatic visual and discursive treatment of a chosen “unseen” topic, which will be identified and selected by participating art groups. 
That implies theater, performances, installations, workshops and discussions, which can be accessed publicly during the time of one week. These events invite to participate actively in the research process. Parts of the project will be invited to Austria and will be enriched by regional contributions. Taking place as an event of one week, this shall enable an intercultural dialogue that questions the relevance of the topic there.
Mapping the Unseen is funded by FWF Austrian Science Fund, KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund, Land Carinthia, supported and hosted by University Klagenfurt.

The topic chosen by the Croation partner Common Zone/Vox Feminae is LGBTIQ. After taking place as an event in Zagreb from November 4th to November 11th, it is shown in Klagenfurt from Febuary 14th until Febuary 21st 2020 and extended by contributions from Carinthia.

The admission to all parts of the program is free.

Friday, Febuary 14th
18.00 What is artistic research? | Opening
19.00 Rina Barbarić: Room for Loosing Your Virginity | Exhibition/installation
19.30 Matija Peček: Duality of the Human Element | Exhibition/performance

Saturday, Febuary 15th
19.00 Luka Prelas & Tihomir Babić: Made by our Bodies | Music performance
Community networking with Uniqueer, Die Grünen Andersrum, organisational team of the Pride Klagenfurt

Monday, Febuary 17th
18.00 Workplace Equality for All | Presentation of the theater play
19.00 Business talk and discussion | Presentation of the network Pride Biz Organisation Austria/LGBTIQ

Tuesday, Febuary 18th
19.00 Nina Dragičević: The Music Between Them – music in lesbian communities | Lecture and music
20.00 Doris Leibeseder: Express yourself | Video lecture about her book “Queere Tracks”

Wednesday, Febuary 19th
18.00 Film screening of queer Croatian short films
19.00 Film screening of queer Austrian short films
20.30 Talk with the directors and AG Queerfilmtag(e) Kärnten

Thursday, Febuary 20th
Next generation? Family over all!
16.00 My Rainbow Family | Book presentation and browsing
17.00 magically different! | Dramatic reading
18.00 Talk with the network FAm.O.S Regenbogenfamilien in Kärnten und the girls center Klagenfurt about visualization and networking 

Friday, Febuary 21st
15.00-17.00 Biography workshop with Rosalia Kopeinig
18.00 Transcultural dialogue
19.00 Fierce Women | Card game

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