Mapping the Unseen is an artistic research project that is based on the format of show.Rooms, in particular on show.Rooms_global. It constitutes of artistic interventions on unseen, hidden topics - topics that are not discussed in public by the mainstream society. Mapping the Unseen tries to answer the questions, how it is possible to create a dialogue and make visible both the unspoken and unseen through artistic research. It is funded  by FWF Austrian Science Fund, KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund, Land Carinthia, supported and hosted by University Klagenfurt.

The analogue mappings that are planned as interventions and dialogues from November 2019 to February 2021 in Austria, Croatia, Iran and Bangladesh are being co-hosted by show.Rooms. On completion of the project the virtual maping that results will be further on administrated by show.Rooms.

The events and workshops that result are accessible to the public and include fittings, theatres and shows as well as discussions. The issues of the implementations result from the participation of several art groups and performers and lead to a transcultural space that can be used in an active way.