2. October 2015 Villach, AT

A participative, intercultural guided tour that tells stories of places and people. The visitors of the "ORF Long Night of Museums" were accompanied by life stories on alternative paths through the city, which represented connecting lines between the individual museums and galleries in Villach. The resulting multicultural city tours made personal experiences of people living in Villach to visited stations in public space.
The persons who made these tours in 2015 were an Austrian-Bosnian High School student, a German-Austrian writer, an Indian tour manager of the music industry, an Austrian-Bosnian pedagogue, two Afghan asylum seekers, an engineer from Bangladesh and a Romanian-Hungarian computer scientist. The offered languages during the guided tour were: German, English, BKS and Farsi.


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Dieses Projekt wurde gefördert von: Bundeskanzleramt, Land Kärnten, Stadt Villach.
Eine Kooperation mit der Langen Nacht der Museen.


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